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Video Ezy Complaints & Reviews

Video Ezy - New South Wales, Sydney Metro Area / unprofessionalism


The Video ezy in Concord West, is extremely unprofessional, rude and unhelpful. Today, I went down to hire a movie and I saw their opening times are 10:30 am to 9:30pm. I arrived at 10:30am and the lights were off and no one was around to open up. I waited till 10:45, when the manager finally decided to turn on the lights and put the sign out. The next week this episode, my partner and a friend went down to hire a movie at 9:00pm and the young boy had closed the door and refused to let them in. My partner said through the door its not 9:30 yet, and the young man shrugged his shoulders and told them to go away. I'm extremely angry about this!!! I will never be going to this video store ever again!

Video Ezy - Queensland, Brisbane / scratched dvds


Every time i have rented out DVD's from Video Ezy in the past year, at least one of the DVD's is scratched and does not play through. I have taken them back to the shop, complained and they "supposedly" fix it by using their cleaning machine. I go back home and it still doesn't work! Im sick of wasting my time and money. I'm never using Video Ezy again until they fix this problem or compensate me for my time and money- which i doubt will ever happen..

Video Ezy - New South Wales, Sydney Metro Area / Gross conduct by employees


Made fun of me excessively. In a mocking manner with a young friend of theirs, their was no need for this if they had a problem with me they could have told me to go. No need to make fun of me, for asking for advice on movie last time i was there, at closing time. Repeat could have just told me to go. Making fun of me using credit card for such a small purchase. What the? Is with that. Given wrong change, because gave twenty. For small cash. I don't so what the big deal with giving a twenty is. Given a video new release when know its not, been there before they had the same one. Clerk acted...