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Vibrant Whitening Complaints & Reviews

Vibrant Whitening - California, San Jose / SCAM


I ordered the free trial of Vibrant Whitening and thought I was only paying for the shipping-I did check the I accept box but I thought I was authorizing them to take out shipping fees-My bank account was charged 89.00 plus they gave my information to another company who charged me 6.95 for there services. i called vibrant Whitening and they refused to give me a refund. I am putting this information on facebook, twitter and I work in a larger doctors office and i am informing every patient, doctors and staff of this scam. I will not stop until I am issued a refund.

Vibrant Whitening - California / charges to my cc


DITTO the previous writer... I asked for a sample for $1.00 to check out a teeth whitening product. This month I suddenly have an unexpected and unagreed to $88.97 charge and a $9.99 charge on my credit card. Called the company, Vibrant Whitening, (number was on my cc statement) and asked what it was. He said it was my "membership", which I agreed to in "fineprint". NOT TRUE... Asked for credit, he sent me to a web site, which I have not been able to log [email protected] So I am submitting a complaint to my cc company. I resent having to do all this work for something I am not responsible for. I have enough problems worrying about my 2 elderly moms and my cancer. Please help me. Thanks.

Vibrant Whitening - California / Invalid Charge to My Debit Account


I ordered the sample size of Vibrant Whitening using the discount code, and paid with my debit card. Today, 8/13/09, I am being charged $88.97 to my debit account for something I did not order. Please reverse this charge as I did not order anything other than the sample size, and do not wish to order any additional products. I will be contacting my bank to follow up on the refunding of the money. I expect this charge to be reversed as soon as possible. Thank you. Patricia Monroe Clayton, NC

Vibrant Whitening / Unexpected Card Charges


Thinking it was a great idea, I checked out an offer from someone I did not know that said there were 2 great ways to very cheaply get your teeth whitened. Both of the offers were trials. Dazzle White was $1.95 for their trial and VIBRANT WHITENEING was $1.00. These were the full size product without all the thrills and you just filled out the form & ordered it. I received both products and have had no concerns with Dazzle White at all. However, Vibrant Whitening managed to trick me into charging my account almost $100.00!!! When I saw the charge on my account for $88.97, I was in shock! I...