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Oct 18, 2014

My friend advised me to use the website He told me that the agents from this website helped him to get loan and also provided a lot of interesting and useful info. When I tried to reach the agents, no one replied me. I got the response only after 7 days. Also the agent told me that they couldn’t help me with mortgage. I asked about any contacts of people, who could help me, but the agent only promised and blah-blah. Not recommended website and I haven’t received any useful info. - Missouri, Columbia / Long and useless procedure for loan approval

Mar 14, 2014

My wife and I decided to apply for a loan on the website, but we didn’t receive it and our experience was awful. They asked to provide a lot of personal info and when they finally provided pre-approval, we were happy. But at the next day, they told to provide other things. We lost the house, which we wanted to buy and these ### continued to call and ask for info and documents. Real crap. Avoid them. They are useless and tip toe around matter.