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Veterans Affairs Complaints & Reviews

Veterans Affairs - Georgia, Decatur, Georgia / id theft on a home loan

Mar 21, 2018

In June of 2015 and February of 2018 someone used my information illegally to purchase 277 Carolyn drive chickamauga GA 30707. I have never owned a house. I need the purchase and the loan cancelled. This house is actually carol mcnutts house. I appreciate any and all help on this matter. The purchase of February of 2018 was authorized illegally. I have never applied for a veterans affairs home loan.

Veterans Affairs / hiring practices

Feb 05, 2015

We are very upset at how VA hires unlicensed workers when other workers with license are available and interviewed. Case and point is the hiring of an ASW (social worker with no license and may get license soon) into Northern California HUD VASH program in Martinez, CA. The supervisor who despite complaints will not budge on his decision. Is this part of VA culture to hire the least qualified? Even when everyone knows that the interview was a sham and the interview had the ASW worker's friend on the interview panel, Why does this not matter? The supervisor gave the ASW all the answers to...

Veterans Affairs - District of Columbia, Washington / health care / disability

Mar 05, 2012

Hello. My name is Paul. I am 55 and I served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the '70's. In 1977, while on active duty, I was injured and broke my right femur. I was stationed at Parris Island and was brought to the Beaufort Naval Hospital. At that time, they did a surgery to insert a 42 cm rod inside the femur. To do this, they did a surgery on my right hip in order to drill a hole in the top of the bone and they also did a surgery on the side of my right leg in order to make sure that the bone was set properly. I was released from active duty on schedule and honorably discharged, not...