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VBL Alter Funds Complaints & Reviews

VBL Alter Funds / Took money from my checking account unauthurized


On Sept 16th, 2009 this company took money form my checking account with out my aruthurization how they got into my account i still can't figureit out the only thing i can think they did it, when you go into there website and fill out there form or through my E-mail. I called the company & the rep spoke to Jeanie tried to justify double talke me why they took money from my account by saying we will not take any more money from your account. I told her your company had no right to take money from my account in the first place & I want my money put back into my account & that I am reporting...



I have a walmart money card a perpaid visa card. I use it for my netflix account. i was checking my transaction history today and saw a charge on there.It was from this VBL ALTER FUNDS. I do not know who this is or how they got my card or number.I only put enough on my card for my netflix.9.00. But they tried to scam me out of 29.95.If you do that to hundreds of people. Wow do the math.Please help find a way to shut them down.And make them pay everyone back.This is a good example why the internet is not safe to do banking or bill paying on.Yes its easy but very unsafe.Thirty dollars is a tank...

VBL Alter Funds - Virginia, Richmond / Unauthorized Debits


I ordered from this company that i thought was supposed to be free. When I read the fine print I immediately cancelled. I actually spoke with a representative and cancelled!!! Now they are debiting my account for $29.95. I don't understand why when you see you can work from home for GOOGLE and it's supposed to a trusted business partner that this is happening to everyone. Something must be done. I am contacting my bank to stop all transactions.