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Jan 07, 2013

I purchased an item from on 18th December 2012 which stated on their website it would be delivered within 24 hours and they confirmed by email that it would be delivered before Christmas. But on 24th December it still had not been collected by the courier for delivery, so I cancelled it with Variete for a refund, and on 27th December the courier confirmed on their website's tracking system that the trader cancelled the collection of the item from the supplier. (In short, I cancelled my order before it was shipped for delivery.) By 1st January 2013 I had received no... / Avoid this one at all costs

Dec 15, 2012

On 1 December, we ordered and paid for a large toy to be delivered for a child's Xmas. The item was described as "in stock" on Variete's site. By 14th December the Variete tracking system still didn't show the item as dispatched so we phoned and were told "we don't have the item in stock any more". When we asked why they hadn't told us but had taken and held onto our cash, we were simply told - you will have to wait 5-7 days for a refund. So - we are out of pocket for the next week, don't have the present, and it's now too late to order a replacement... / Do not use Variete Stores, they will let you down badly

Jul 17, 2012

Do not use Variete Stores they will let you down badly. Here goes a little more detail. I ordered a near £300 parasol from this company over a month before a big event I needed it for. I considered this plenty of time as the website stated a 3-5 day delivery. The following then took place: A confirmation email and payment taken two days later After a week of waiting I emailed as it had not arrived. I was informed the order had been lost but it would be delivered asap. On 4 separate occasions I was informed a delivery would be made but it was always lost or not put through. Twice thi... / Their terms and conditions are a joke

Jul 11, 2012

Don't use this company. I ordered a Shire Abri 7x7 Apex Shed from them and paid for itin full and £19:98 for delivery. 5 days later they wanted another £30 for delivery and blamed their supplier for the charge. I was told I would receive my shed in 20 days time and that was my order gone throught. 7 days later they emailed me to say they had cancelled my order and they would refund my money as the item was no longer available. I checked their website that night and the same 7x7 shed was on sale for £70 more than I had paid for it. I emailed them back and they...