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VA Healthcare Complaints & Reviews

VA Healthcare - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / My so called doctors

Aug 20, 2015

Iam so sick and tired of not getting the proper treatment by my doctors at the VA i have been given the shaft since 1995 from the VA healthcare since I went there IN 1994 by VA hospital in pittsburgh/oakland PA with fibromyalgia and promptly told i was being discharged and then told i had to go somewhere else that was after years of different doctors different diagnosis and by a doctor i never met before i cant get my claims approved for something they diagnosed. Now iam at aspinwall pa VA hospital and everyday i go in to tell my primary care doctor Maria Vanegas what and how i was feeling she...

VA Healthcare - Missouri, Columbia / They admitted they tried to kill me and paid me off

Nov 25, 2014

At least 4 times I was neglected and a victim of malpractice at the hands of the veterans administration. They refused to even take an EKG for years after I complained every visit of chest pain with exertion. I later had a heart attack and was told in 1 minute of an ekg that I had no heart attack. They mistreated me with a deliberate and intentional over dose of a drug. Reglan. The fda states this can be given no more than 6 to 8 weeks. I have severe nerve damage after 12 years of the va giving me this med. In August 2013 the podiatrist, Dr Dragoo, at the Columbia, mo va sent me home with a...