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Uttam Kejriwal Complaints & Reviews

Uttam Kejriwal / involved in money lending without licence

Jun 28, 2017

A Doctor name Harudhanand Sahoo is involved in heavy money lending business in crores at Talcher, Angul, Dera & Balandha Area. He charges interest like 3%, 5%, 8% & interest on interest basis. He use to occupy the properties of the people by using Money Lending business & occupy the same properties on Benami Basis. He generate the heavy black money. His Contact no;-[protected] (R) [protected] (N) [protected] kindly take immediate action against this man. Gama (Khirod Sahu) of Handidhua is right hand of Dr Sahoo.He is also helping him in money lending & occupying benami Property. His Contact no;- [protected] [protected] Pls take immediate action against this two men. Thanks

Uttam Kejriwal / benami property & black

Jun 12, 2017

At village Jagganthpur, adjacent to Talcher Thermal Power Station(Odisha) under the facade cover of Nursing Home(Subhalaxmi Nursing Home), the doctor (Properitor) Dr.Hrudanand Sahoo is operating a huge money lending business (in crores) with the help of his gang.The doctor has obtained 100's of property in money lending in other ways(98% of the property being benami.Dr Sahoo lends money against gold, truck, crane etc but is more interested in land & buildings. Such property from many sources to Dr Sahoo becomes huge & accounts to hundreds(may be crossing a thousand mark) & are Benami in...