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used cars Complaints & Reviews

used cars - Ontario / buyers beware

Oct 8, 2013

WARNING! DON'T BUY FROM FARAZ AUTO SALES !!! They are selling a cheap lemon cars with major defects and don't take the extended warranty for $2000 because does not work how they say. The cars which they are selling looks amazing and clean to cover major defect of engine, transmission, or power train. You get what you paid for!!! I bought once from them and never again!!!

used cars - Colorado, Colorado Springs / unsatisfactory car purchace


I Consigned a 2005 Jeep Liberty with Lakeside auto and also purchased a 2003 Chevy trail blazer. I was told (not in writing) that if the Jeep didn't sell before the next payment was due, That Lakeside auto would write me a check for the payment. I agreed to this and when the jeep didn't sell like they verbally and confidently asserted that it would, I went to collect the JEEP payment check they were to write for me and they wrote me a check for the payment of the 2003 Chev. Trail Blazer, which was not due at that time anyway and a significantly lower amount than the sum due on the...