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May 5, 2011

They give you a free trial and get your credit card info.Very confusing website. I have cancelled and they have kept my credit card information on the website. The information was incorrect-one address they gave was the Met Stadium in MN. Incorrect information- Tried to cancel and they emailed me that i couldn't. Dont answer their phone. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THIS WEBSITE! - Texas, Sundown / Allowing other companies to charge my account without authoriztation


USA-People-Search is a great website, if you want to get over charged! I recently (about a month ago) searched for an old friend of mine. I paid the $1.95, and unfortunately didn't get to find this person. I thought, no big deal, I just lost $2, but alas, it'll be okay! Well, I received my bank statement this month, and unbeknown to me, I was charged twice, and then charged $19.95 from three different companies.,, and So, needless to say, $64 later, I am not a happy camper. I called all three of these companies, and they...