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usa gas station Complaints & Reviews

usa gas station - California, Laguna Beach / Fill up far exceeded capacity

Apr 15, 2016

I filled up my gas tank at the USA Gas station in Laguna Beach CA 92651. When it completed the pump showed 19.329 gallons (I have photo) The gas tank capacity of my car is 18.5. I also took a photo under my car showing no spillage. The date was Wed. 4/13/2016. I would like the pumps at this station tested for accuracy and I refund for the difference.

usa gas station - New York, flanders ny / ripped off and threatened

Apr 29, 2013

On 4/25/13 I went to the usa gas station in flanders ny on flanders rd and long neck blvd with a 5 gallon container to be filled with gas. When the attendant finished filling it the pump read 6 gallons. I then confronted the owner of the station asking him how he got 6 gallons into a 5 gallon container. At this point he started to curse me and told me to call the police if I did not like it. I then called the police. When the officer showed up he said he could do nothing about it and told me to buy gas at other stations to avoid a problem in the future. I then found out he was friends with the...