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USA 800 Complaints & Reviews

USA 800 / Do not work here

May 21, 2015

One of the worst experiences. I realize now I should have just gone on unemployment, as I was put through hell working here. I worked as a phone advocate, a QA, and in the intraday dept. Upper management could honestly care less about their employees. In the last department I worked in, the intraday team lead barely did any work while I took on about 95% of our dept.'s job tasks, and he couldn't even physically be at work as much as I was, b/c he was going to school, yet he was paid considerably more than me (my boss clearly played favorites). Whenever people had tech issues or...

USA 800 - Missouri, Saint Joseph / Shameless

Jan 04, 2013

This was my first and worst job interview experience. I applied for the job around November 2012, and I they called me to do some testing first. The told me to come that same day to do the testing. I had to leave everything and drive there because I only had 2 hours to be there. When I arrived, the front desk lady told me to take a sit and wait until one of the computers was available. They were having some maintenance done, and only a few were working. I had to wait about 40 minutes for my turn. My turn came and I was called. They did not ask me anything. I just sat there on the computer...

USA 800 - Missouri, Raytown / Unprofessional

Sep 20, 2012

This was the worst experience I have ever had. I applied for a job on my school website and someone called me from this company offering me a different job. I went and spoke to a lady named Lynett. She was very nice to me. Unfortunately, she could not give me the position because I needed to be able to do reports on excel. But, she offered to refer me to someone else in the the same company for another position. She introduced me to Heather who, could not give me an interview right away because she had a meeting. So, she made me wait 45 minutes. She came along with 2 other men. They had not...