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US Timeshare Management Complaints & Reviews

US Timeshare Management - Florida, Destin / Fraud, ConArtist, Deceptional business Practices


I would have liked to have found this collection of complaints before we placed our money $387 and trust in this "sheist" of an organization. We worked with Anita Willis and she all but assured us that our timeshare would not last 90days on the market before it would sell. We placed our trust in this organization in 2007. Thru our own fault, we did not followup on them and before we knew it two years went by. Close of the 2009, preparing to pay my very late maintenance fee. I found my contract, contacted the company and was told someone would call me back. They did call back (mind you I had to...

US Timeshare Management - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / No service for $ rendered


I paid this company $705 on May 7-2009. So far my property has not been listed on the internet, nor have I heard about from any potential buyers. They told me that it would sell within 90 days. There is funds refuneded except if you(the seller) would happen to have sold it within 3 days of you initial payment to the company. Who ever invested not more $351 in July of 2008, is lucky. I have gone through $2600 in the last 2 1/2 years to try and get this property out of my life. Karl Criddle, the contacting agent said he was going to advertise and sell this property through DIRECT MARKETING in...

US Timeshare Management - Florida / fraud


after paying them 800 dollars to sell my time shares and swallowing their B.S. about selling it within 90 days because of the location ( lake tahoe), I have not heard another thing from them, I have called numeroud times in the last 8 months and have yet to recieve 1 return phone call, today 12/27/08 when I called they voice message said to leave them a message and they would get back to me within 24 hours, when prompted to leave message a recorded message told me their mail box was full and would have to call back at another time... This company and the people in it should all be thrown in...

US Timeshare Management - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Timeshare Sales


I paid this company $351 in July 2008 to market my timeshare on Nantucket Island. I was told by the salesman (Mr. Karl Criddle) that he could guarantee the sale of the timeshare within 90 days due to is location and popularity. I have not received one phone call or update from this company since they took my money and they have not returned one phone call requesting a status of the timeshare and if any offers have been received. I believe this company is practicing very deceitful tactics in order to get consumer's money. Once they have your money, they will totally forget about you since there is no more incentive to do more work.