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US Periodicals Complaints & Reviews

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / receiving unwanted and unordered magazines

May 23, 2017

We recently began receiving US Magazine. We did not order this magazine and do not intend paying for it. Today we received a Renewal Statement for National Enquirer which we also do not receive and did not order. I attempted to call their Customer Service #, (623-466-5043). I was connected to a rep and explained about the magazine and that I was not going to pay for it and I wanted to cease delivery. The rep kept pumping me for irrelevant information. I told him I had no intention of giving any more information other than the acct. # on the renewal statement so that the account could be canceled. He...

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / Continuation Solicitation

Sep 18, 2015

This company continues to send renewal notices to my former spouse, Karen L. Marshall, for National Enquirer. The subscription expired approximately 10 years ago, and, on numerous occasions, I have requested they remove Karen from their mailing list. Karen passed away on March 14, 2014. However, US Periodicals continues to mail renewal notices. In addition, they are mailing the notices to my new mailing address, an address in which Karen unfortunately never had the opportunity to reside. I am appealing to you and to US Periodicals to remove Karen name and address from the mailing list. Thank you. Douglas R. Marshall

US Periodicals / Customer service

May 18, 2015

Called to find out about a subscription that i was receiving. Having an issue with a family member made me concerned that this was just another problem with this person. . . Thinking that i would receive a bill after the issues sent to my home. The man on the phone (Jack, i think) proceeded to interupt me several times to give me an explanation of what, why and who without even looking up my account. I tried to explain to him my concerns and he continued to interupt me. Got to the point he started to raise his voice to me and yelling at me not listening to him. I asked him repeatedly to listen to...

US Periodicals / Failure to receive magazine after resubscribing

May 2, 2015

My grandmother sent a check to this company to renew her National Enquirer. She saw in her bank statement that the check was cashed, but she has never received her magazine. She and I have tried contacting the company by mail and phone, with no response. She now has to again pay for her subscription through another company. This company should be forced to pay back the money they have stolen from people!

US Periodicals / Globe Magazine (1 yr - 52 issues) never rec'd, 4 payments Total $104.00 pd in full 11/12/2014

Feb 14, 2015

We rec'd a statement that said we would receive 52 issues (1 yr) subscription of Globe Magazine for a total of $104.00. My 1st payment 8/14/2014 $26.00 2nd payment 9/18/2014, still no Globe. On 11/12/2014, I made the final payment of $52.00 for a total of $104.00! After 2 months of not receiving even one magazine I wrote them a letter. Telling them I either wanted my Globe Magazine or to be refunded immediately. That was on January 14, 2015. Still no response! On January 21, 2015, we called US Periodicals at (623) 466-5043, spoke to Mike Ryan, who said he was aware of some problems however, he...

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / DO not trust

Oct 11, 2013

I ordered the Enquirer Magazine 52 issues for $98.80 . I wrote the check on March 4 2013, I forgot about it until a few weeks ago. I contacted someone who was not very friendly at U S periodicals. After much discussion, he said I had paid it, I think he agreed only because I had my canceled check! I started getting the Enquirer soon after. Today I received a bill for $101.00 from US Periodicals . I tried to call them. The message machine was full. I contacted the Enquirer directly. They gave me another number, recording said no longer a working number. They, The Enquirer said to throw the bill...

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / Fake Magazine Subscription

Apr 3, 2013

Jan. 25, 2013 we sent $98.80 for a year subscription for the National Enquirer. Believing this was a billing from the publishers, we were stunned when we were told by the Enquirer that we had not paid for another year. These people are doing this the all over the country. This is now April 3, 2013 and US Periodicals still hasn't sent the money to the publisher. One individual may not be able to stop this, and many may believe that $98.80 isn't worth the effort, but I will contact every agency, including the USPS to stop these criminals.

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / MAGAZINE RENEWAL

Mar 29, 2012

Contacted by US Periodicals in December of 2011. They sold me a subscription for an annual subscription for the National Enquirer for $98.80. They said it could take 4 - 8 weeks to get into the circulation cycle. Here we are 15 weeks later, and still no National Enquirer. They got their $98.80. But I got nothing. I phoned and left my name and number and a gentleman named Chris phoned back and said he was not aware that I wasn't getting the magazine. He would check into this matter and that it could take additonal 4 weeks to correct. Somehow, I don't beleive I will ever receive my magazine. I am going to contact my credt card company to stop them from getting any more money from me.

US Periodicals / Subscription

Sep 6, 2011

I just got a call from a collection agency. If I don't pay $79 it will go against my credit. I told them that I had never returned the subscription renewals and the agency told me that US Periodicals claim I verbally agreed in May for another two years. Yet, when I dug out the latest magazine, still in its plastic wrap, August - September 2011, it has a "Final Issue Notice" letter in it. If I "agreed" back in May, which I did not, why the "Final Issue Notice"? Waiting on a call back from US Peridiocals, which I probably will not get. I want to hear the recording where I agreed!

US Periodicals - Arizona, Mesa / Fraud/Phone Solicitation

Aug 25, 2011

In 2017 I filed a complaint against US Periodicals regarding what I considered fraudulent telephone solicitation to extent a magazine subscription we had with TV Guide. Someone had notified my husband that our subscription was expiring, and thinking that it was a call from TV Guide, my husband agreed. We subsequently discovered that US Periodicals was not authorized to sell subscriptions for TV guide, and I wrote the company canceling that order. A few months later we received a notice from Galaxy Credit that we owed the $90.00. I wrote to Galaxy Credit explaining the situation and then filed...

US Periodicals - Arizona / Fraud

May 4, 2011

I was just called by them, telling me that my existing magazine subscription is going up by $1 per week, and offering to lock me in at the existing rate if I renew now. It was SO scripted. Then the supervisor called me back and asked for my credit card number. Her price was crazy and I told her that I didn't want to subscribe through her because her price was twice higher and I told her that i was going to renew directly though the magazine online! She was kind of snotty and told me that they had already processed my order and couldn't cancel it!! I told her to cancel it because I...

US Periodicals - Pennsylvania / Unauthorized Subscription


My 80 year old Mother just started getting subscriptions to Playboy and Penthouse in my dead fathers name. My father passed away 10 years ago. I started with Playboy Subscription Customer Service and they gave me the number for Priority One Clearing in Clearwater, FL. They told me that they could not help me they were just a Data Processing Center and gave me the number to US Periodicals who they said generated the order. By the time I got thru to them they said the order was cancelled. Interesting...I asked how the order was generated in the first place and they indicated that my father...

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / wouldn't refund money


This company called my elderly mother on March 8, 2010 and told her that they were the National Enquirer and that she need to renew her subscription. Since she knew it was due she gave them her routing number from her checking account. They took out $57.50 and told her that at the end of the month they would take out another $57.50. My mother then received a renewal statement from the Enquirer and was completed confused, so we called the Enquirer and they said that they had no record of a renewal in my mother's name and that it was probably a fraud. She changed her checking account...

US Periodicals - Arizona, Phoenix / Subscription Fraud/Verbal Insult


I already posted this in a comment, but I figured an actual complaint would be good awareness. I recently just got a hold of US periodicals after placing an order in late 2008. This was a subscription for 3 years of Globe Magazine for 154 dollars. The magazines never came. As of March 2009 (as to follow the 60-120 days that they "may" not send magazines in the fine print due to processing) I called the company repeatedly and received no response, they literally seemed to disappear off the face of the planet, every time I called I was disconnected. I decided to cut my losses (we've all been...