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US Grant Guide - England, Hampshire, Petersfield / Unauthorised withdrawals


I have been going through my bank statements and have also come across two unauthorised payments from this company coming to a total of £78.45GBP Stirling. I find this totally unacceptable after only allowing a payment of £1.95. What can be done about this and who can I speak to and am I able to get my money back?

US Grant Guide - New York / $57.61 Not Authorize


I am disputing a charge on my credit card of $57.61. I went on this site to read about a goverment grant and in order to do this there was a one time $1.95 charge come to receive my statement and find an additional charge of $57.61 that I never authorized nor did I ever purchase no club membership. I want my credit card credited in the full amount of $57.61 ASAP this is a fraud.