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U.S. Financial Resources Complaints & Reviews

U.S. Financial Resources / Calling wanting $3.87 to send you grant money

May 08, 2015

I received a call for the 6th time in two years from this company US finical resources first a middle eastern lady named Susan spoke to me saying that I was approved for grant money from the state and government resourcesthis Susan already had my full name address as well as my telephone number and email she said all I needed to do was pay the upfront cost of $3.87 and grant money would be sent to me direct deposit or via mail I was very spectacle because I have been a victim of identity theft before, when I told her I needed to be sure that this was not a scam, she being to try to convince...

U.S. Financial Resources - Utah / FRAUD

Sep 12, 2012

Received a call from an unknown number claiming to have approved me for a grant with an unlimited amount. Then proceeded to request a payment of $3.87 for membership. I asked them for a number and address. They gave me an 866 number and a P.O. Box. At that point I told them I was not going to give my credit card information to an unknown caller with a P.O. Box as an address. Anyone can get a P.O. Box address. They transferred me to a supervisor/manager, and I told him the same. These people barely speak english. When I called the 866 number, the person answered "Hello". I asked what company...

U.S. Financial Resources - Utah, Pleasant Grove / Government Grants

Dec 22, 2011

A charge of $3.87 turned into an additional $19.95. plus whatever else they wanted to charge me after the fact. I dont think so SCAMMMMMMMMERS. All I had to do is cancel my card, and get another one issued. I had the $3.87, and the $19.95 under dispute. Do you really think the SCAMMER MERCHANT will dispute it, that would just reveal who they really are lol. I only authorized the $3.87, but now that they lied to me about just 1 charge, I'm disputing both the charges. The last laugh is mine. If anyone gets caught into the trap like me, JUST SAY NO, and ummmmm screw with them like they are...