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US Best Repairs Complaints & Reviews

US Best Repairs - California / Lawn cuts... none!

May 8, 2011

Been doing work for 4 months... got small amounts of money, that did not tie to any amount or invoice... did the normal lockwint for the standard amounts. took all the online training crap... grass season came up and no grass cuts... they gave all the work to a company .. to cover the whole state... Well not only do we get no work... no grasscuts, , as crappe as they may be... but nothing... I have a friend that was contacted by the bogus company {premier landscaping} that us best set up to do the cuts, , , , , they pay 25 for a cut and 10 for a trip tic... someone is getting rich!!! I wonder...

US Best Repairs - Kentucky / why Complain?

Apr 1, 2011

I was contacted by Us Best a couple of months ago about possibly doing some work for them in Ky. I had to decline mainly because of a dead-beat client that screwed me out of many thousands, wich caused me to minimize. Although I was unable to take on more work at that time I did some asking around about Us Best. I know contractors all over the country wich I lean on for info. After asking around I will say this "I would have no reservations about accepting work from Us Best". From what I gather they pay quicker than anyone. They may not pay the most but I would much rather work for someone...