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US Auto Parts Complaints & Reviews

US Auto Parts - California, Carson / Scamming buyers out of shipping/restocking charges

Feb 28, 2011

I believe this merchant is intentionally attempting to defraud people of their money through shipping wrong parts and then charging 're-stocking' fees. I can't speak for anyone else, but this is what seems to have happened to me. First they shipped me the wrong part, then they shipped me the right part twice - but they charged me for all three parts - and want ME to pay to return the undesired parts, costing me to lose about sixty out of three hundred bucks involved - and the part I wanted only cost a hundred bucks to begin with. Take your business elsewhere, their customer...

US Auto Parts - California, Carson / Do Not Order From Them!


I JUST got off the phone with a customer service representative and it was the WORST experience ever! Ordered the wrong part from the website and now need to refund the merchandise. The part cost 87.22 from the start and they are charging me a 17.44 RESTOCKING fee to place the stupid part BACK on the shelf! Not only that I have to PAY for the shipping MYSELF! What a freaking joke these people are! I'm "generously" credited back 69.78, which will take (according to the RMA) approximately 4 weeks to get back. Judging by some of the complaints it might be a minute before I receive that money...