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Urban Active Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Urban Active Fitness - Georgia, Atlanta Buckhead / Unethical Business Practices and Liars

Jul 19, 2011

I went to UAF yesterday to sign up for a membership. I asked one question - What if I move? The girl who took me on a tour of the facility went and got a manager. The manager came over to me and told me I would receive a refund prorated based on the date I gave notice. I point blank asked him, "Is this in writing?" He told me "It is written in the contract". The girl who took on the tour, then began to enroll me on the computer, but what concerned me was that she did not give me a copy of the contract to review prior to enrolling me on the computer. She also had my credit card. I then demanded to...

Urban Active Fitness - Nebraska, Omaha / Membership Cancellation

Jun 14, 2011

I moved from Omaha, NE in Dec. 2010 due to losing my job. I had to move in with family members in a town nearly 130 miles from Omaha. I submitted a cancellation form to the Urban Active Fitness in Omaha letting them know that I had moved from Omaha due to a job loss and would no longer be needing the gym membership because I was moving too far away to use the gym. I was told by a customer service manager at the gym that my cancellation was approved and being processed. She also told me that I would receive a refund for any debits from my checking account. Not only did I not receive any debit...

Urban Active Fitness - Tennessee, Hermitage / switch and bait

Jun 9, 2011

2 months prior to renewal nicole front desk mgr offered a price for a 18 mo...she said it was good for 4 days...after accepting it ...several days latter a friend was offered a 24 renewal for the same price...when she was questioned she acted like she never heard of it...every week i asked for the same deal..first she ignored it..then she said she would have to email the mgr...which was in the same went on for 5 weeks..finally she said it was in the computer but would not provide a receipt...the next time i was in there i had a guest pass for an airport mgr...she rejected it and...

Urban Active Fitness - Ohio, Beavercreek / Billing-cancellation

Apr 12, 2011

I followed the cancellation as instructed on the forms i was given when I signed up.In February I filled out two cancellations forms with a 20.00 check(10.00 cancellation fee per account)mailed it in via certified mail with a return receipt. I received notice that the company in ky received my forms. In March I was charged for both accounts I spoke with Anthony who said that would be the last time I would get charged and my accounts are scheduled to be cancelled. I was charged again in April for only one account. I called and spoke with the billing manager, Jessica, who states that my account...

Urban Active Fitness - Tennessee, Nashville / Dishonest Employees


The Employees will LIE TO YOU! Don't go anywhere near these crooks. I visited, already a member, with my girlfriend, and asked if they had a month to month for her. I was told yes and quoted a rate. I asked if I could cancel at any time. I was told yes. Then they said the rate was available only with automatic drafts. I again asked if I could cancel any time. Guess what? YES!!! I signed the 'automatic draft form', only to find out later it was a two year contract which is impossible to cancel. No one at any location cares about the lies, and will only show me what I signed...

Urban Active Fitness / Stealing and scamming


At very best they're a dishonest and unethical business. However, I would consider some of their actions fraud and stealing. I've been with them for 6 years now. They've recently decided to close down my location. I went to cancel my membership and they tell me they're going to charge me $10 and it will take 2 billing cycles for my cancellation to take affect as per the contract I signed. This is dishonest, because they do not disclose these details when you ask them when you first sign up. If you ask them what happens if you want to cancel they wont tell you, and instead...

Urban Active Fitness - Tennessee, Nashville / Over BIlling


Over Billing: I am a former member of Urban Active. I canceled my contract over three months ago, and I am still being billed. I've called the location where I signed up but they are never very willing to help me resolve my problem. They simply tell me to call the corporate office, but do not offer the corporate office number, address or person to talk to. I did find a 1-800 number, but it is purely informational and provides no access to anyone at the corp office. After some investigation I am finding that Urban has a very bad history of over billing, over charging, and continual account drafts once a contract has been canceled. At the moment they owe me $60 back.

Urban Active Fitness / Billed after two year membership canceled


I finished a two year gym membership with this company and signed papers ending my membership after the two years was up. After the contract had ended I was still being billed but it was not coming out of my bank account. I had moved and when I filed for change of address had received a bill from this company for back pay. When I called them, I was told I only canceled half of my membership; the tanning portion!!! When trying to resolve this situation with no luck, I was then told that before I can stop the monthly billings I must pay off the balance! I have been in contact with the Chambers of Commerce and the BBB about this situation! So much for being a loyal member for two years! It didnt pay off!