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Unrestricted - New South Wales / complete fraud AVOID at all cost

Jan 27, 2011

Got onto site whilst trying to download edition of Times Literary Supplement. Was doubtful about it but reassured when it linked me to a Visa Card 'accreditation' site. Total charge ( in US dollars) added up to more than individual items . I was sent confirmation of email address/password. Now find that website no longer possible to enter. I just hope that my email and, more importantly, my credit card will not now be used for the next part of the scam.

Unrestricted - Ohio / service


I can't believe i was so gulible, i should have realized this was a scam when my invoicc was sent by noreply, com. i was told by a friend not to pay anything when downloading music, but of course i thought that if you paid for it you would be able to access the music without all the hoopla, silly me! I think these people whoever they are, should be put out of business. i'll take my loss as a lesson well learned and hope that no one else gets ripped off by these thieves.

Unrestricted - Scotland, Strathclyde / fraud


Complete rip-off took nearly £60 rather than the £20 it was supposed to, then website is impossible to get back into. Avoid at all costs. Will be pursuing them for the money.