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Universal Air Couriers Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Universal Air Couriers Ltd / They are really bad


On 16/7/08 I got an email from this lotto company that I won a mail lotto and I have to write to MrCharles McCoy then he wrote back and said that then I have to contract with the courier company (universal Air Courier Ltd.) and have to Pay for delivery charges and insurance at least 510- 710 pound .it depend on the duration 1 day (710) 2 days (610) 3 days (510). Even thought I didn't pay but I'm pissed that they did this the rip-off people .what can we get rid of this kind of people? They are really bad.

Universal Air Couriers Ltd / Please, think before you reply


Please don't reply to these scam e-mails, I have forwarded the one I received on 11th June 2008 to the Met Police fraud department. The e-mail said I had won £890, 000 plus but wanted me to contact the courier (Universal Air Courier UK) about the costs of delivery. The grammar and spelling was very poor which alerted me and made me realise the win is not genuine. I forwarded the e-mail to Camelot Lottery and they replied saying that it was not genuine and gave me a link to the Metropolitan Police Fraud Department. So please think before you reply.