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Unitrin Direct Complaints & Reviews

Unitrin Direct - Pennsylvania, Scranton / Under value auto claim


When my $7000 dodge caravan was totaled i thought the full auto coverage would save me. Wrong unitrins value was 4925. 00 for a little surface rust they called prior unrelated damage they subtracted $ 2, 286. 00 minus $1000 deductible unitrin wants to pay me $1871. 79 what a bunch of theves. Run from this insurance co, claim no 2010047242

Unitrin Direct - California, Riverside / Low Estimate of Vehicle Payout


I recently totalled a vehicle which had an average retail value of $14, 000. The company used (Unitrin uses a third-party system) to estimate the value of my truck placed it at $11, 000 before the deductible; a value which could only find vehicle of my make which were either damaged by previous accidents, had high mileage or a paint job which dictated a low resale value (gold, green, etc.). Definitely a company I will NEVER deal with again. I was cheated out of $3, 000.

Unitrin Direct - Texas, Dallas / Bad faith tactics


I was hospitalized twice in December of 2009 and released on Christmas Eve, when I returned to my home my 2009 Ford Edge was missing. I called the police then I called Response to find that Unitrin Direct had purchased my insurance company. The first thing the adjuster said to me was I must have stolen the Edge myself as it has some anti theft device. I was in the hospital could barely walk or breath and now dealing with this crap. It is now March 5, 201o and Unitrin has not completed the claim they have they keys and they edge but have done nothing process the claim except to give false and...