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United Resort Marketing Complaints & Reviews

United Resort Marketing - Florida / Services


I advertised my property with this company about 6 months ago and finally got my property sold. They originally told me the property would sell within 60-90 days and after that I was beginning to get pretty upset. But to my amazement my property actually closed about 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this company to just anyone, if you are looking to sell immediately they are not for you. But if you are willing to wait and work with them they can help you just like they helped my wife and I.

United Resort Marketing - Florida, Orange City / Scam


High pressure phone call from Markus Scott stating that he had "numerous corporate clients" who were seeking a resort to rent for business clients and that he specifically had a client looking for a place just like ours. If we paid the $449.00 fee, he would be sending us a check for the rental within 60 days. He knew all the details of our timeshare contract, property, etc. and appeared to be legitimate. We couldn't find any complaints regarding the company on the internet, and fell for his sales pitch. Needless to say, it is now October, 2008 and we have not been able to make contact...

United Resort Marketing - Texas, Houston / Complaints Borad


The reaon for my complaint today is not actually with the above company. My complaints main purpose is to show readers of this so called made by the people for the people site, that anyone with a computer, 2 fingers, and a grudge against someone can write anything they wish. While I agree that there needs to be a site to protect "us" the consumer from getting scammed, I am also a business owner too. I don't like the fact that none of these complaints are confirmed to prevent anyone from slander. How do we really know any of these complaints on this site are real or just a disgruntal...