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United Magazine Service Complaints & Reviews

United Magazine Service - Florida / Harassing Phone Calls

I have received at least a half dozen calls from UMS from Adam March saying I am delinquent in paying for magazines from 2004 and I could accept a deal wherein I wont have to pay for the 17 subscriptions that I have already received but pay now for only 13 (I have never received nor did I order any magazines). I have read many of the other complaints of this company. My question is how did anyone get rid of them? Did you have to sue or what?

United Magazine Service / Its a scam!!!


* Names changed to protect privacy* While having dinner at my parents one night in March 2008, my dad (who is hard of hearing) answers a phone call. They ask for my mother but only as Mrs. Smith. My dad asked "do you want Jane?" The man on the line never identified himself, only stated he was from United Magazine Service & that it is b/c she is in collections for a magazine subscription she hasn't paid from 2006. My mom gets on the line and tells him she has never had a subscription to any magazine. She tried to get the name of the magazine(s) and all he would say was it was special deal...

United Magazine Service - New York, New York / Fraud attempt!

I have been approached by a "Collection Agency", informing me that I would have an outstanding debt with United Magazine Service for a subscription which I allegedly failed to pay since 2004(!!!). The only magazine subscription I have (since 1999) is with TimeOut, which I made directly with the publisher and about which I have never had any problem. This is a clear attempt to get money from me on the basis of an alleged service which was neither requested nor provided. (I have made some inquiries with United Nations colleagues and discovered that UN officials seem to be a favorite target of...

United Magazine Service / It's fraud and scam!

I got a call ooon Jan 7, 2007 wanting to renew our subscription to Autoweek. They sounded as if they were Autoweek calling: had my husband's subscriber name, obviously our phone number, and knew when the subscription was expiring. In short: the caller offered a good deal for a 3 year renewal, offered a free one yr subscription to Playboy (which in hindsight I thought was very odd) that I declined, said they would send an invoice but that if I wanted to save an extra $5 I could pay right then with a credit card. I said fine, fortunately gave them a Virtual Account number (good for...

United Magazine Service / Never received Discover Magazine

I received a call from United Magazine Service the end of March, 2006 to renew may Discover Magazine. Since I am suspicious of any business over the phone, I asked them to send me the info in the mail, which they were very reluctant to do, but eventually agreed to. After receiveing the info, I sent them a check for $39.60 on April 3, 2006. In June, $154.00 was missing out of my checking account on a day that I happened to go to the bank twice. Since I caught it early, my credit union coperated with me to find out what happened. Guess who they traced it to! United Magazine Service! I called...