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united illuminating Complaints & Reviews

united illuminating - Connecticut / charing for there mistakes


Last month my UI was shutoff after I made a payment and spoke with there payment office they told me your payment is fine. My lights were disconnected and when I finally reached someone on the phone I was told they never recieved payment which I made over the phone my bank says they never took the payment. Not only am I no longer allowed to pay by credit/debit but I am also being charged for connection fee each time I am shut off and reconnected. This month I wanted to be sure exactly what my minimal payment was going to be so I spoke with a UI rep. and was told my payment had to be 190.00.On...

united illuminating / charges unaware of after 6 plus yrs


my paycheck is being or going to be docked per a bill that myself and ex-husband have not had for at least 6 plus years. I purchased a home in 2005 and everything was paid off at that time. My broker at that time took care of everything and now i am taking the fall for their improper billing charges. I would like this to be handled before furthur actions are taken for improper payroll deduction's. Please research as to I do not appreciate working hard and having my check docked for something i was unaware of.