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United Family Circulation Complaints & Reviews

United Family Circulation - Oklahoma, Norman / Fraudulent magazine sales


2 very clean cut young men came to my door selling magazines to go to Spain with their soccer team for the national finals. One of them did all of the talking, very smooth, asked the same questions that I have seen posted, such as how many people do you have living here, how many kids, etc. Told me he was OCD and had the magazines highlighted in different colors and tried to sell me different sponsorships. Told me his Dad was a marine and that his Dad was pimping him out to do work and that he would come back and do work for a day, such as gardening, clean our garage, etc. for a full...

United Family Circulation / Fraud and cheating


I happened to be visiting a friend in my neighborhood last week when two young guys claimed to be students from West Texas A & M University knocked on her door. They said that they had been chosen to travel abroad to Paris to study for a month but needed a little help getting there so they were selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser to help with their travel. Well, I am new to owning a home so I am new to the door to door marketing & I am always willing to help for a good cause. It didn't take me long to pick 2 magazines & write 2 separate checks. Needless to say my husband told...