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United American Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

United American Insurance Company / Rip off


This so called insurance company is nothing but a joke and should be shut down. The insurance agent came to my home and told me and my husband that this was real insurance and not a discount program. When the bills started coming in and the insurance company had only paid for an office visit I knew I had been had and the agent set in my home and lied to us! I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office in my state and the case is still pending. Someone needs to do something about these so called insurance companies that pretend to be real insurance when they are nothing but a rip...

United American Insurance Company / Awful company


I received a phone call from this company before I received the same email that everyone here seemed to get. The guy on the phone told me that he had seen my resume online and was calling from American Express and wanted to set up an interview. A day before the interview I noticed the emails from a couple different Torchmark corporations, but didn't bother looking at them because I was not looking for a sales job and that is what they obviously were trying to sell me. When I get to the interview I realize that this is definitely not American Express but decided to stay anyway since I had...

United American Insurance Company / This should be criminal


I am a former branch manager for United American and Liberty National. If you are a United American or a Liberty National agent let me speak to you first. Get out now. You can still have a great insurance job somewhere else and be able to sleep well knowing you are helping people and not hurting them. You may be to new to UA or LNL and have not seen the claims that will get filed with the policies you are selling but they will start to come in and you will not sleep once you find out what you have done to hard working families. I worked for UA for 3 years. Started off as an agent, then unit...