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Union Workers Credit Services Complaints & Reviews

Union Workers Credit Services - Kentucky / Fraudulent Offer

May 2, 2011

Thanks ever so much for these postings. I felt that something was wrong with this offer from the get-go; after all, NO ONE would offer $10K in unsecured credit for just a straight yearly fee that's a lot lower than most cards out there right now. And if you read the caveats in the letter it's NOT a card. I know of at least one other company that does this, and they charge you an insane fee just to close the account. They also bill you $18/monthly just for the privilege of buying their overpriced goods on bad credit terms. (A friend of mine did this and I'm not sure of the name...

Union Workers Credit Services / Too good to be true

Mar 8, 2011

Just wanted to Thank Everyone for their posting. If it sounds to good to be true normally it's not ture. Don't deal with Union Workers Credit Services Never send money first! I received a letter on 02/24/11 and said you're pre-approved for 10 thousand dollars just send 37 dollars for membership fees. You will not be denied. Thank about it! Who gives 5% on anything! I would write back to the PO Box address requesting to be removed from the mailing list. Then shred the letter and throw it away. Good Luck! Also where's the pre-paid postage envelope.

Union Workers Credit Services / Send a $37 money order and never got a card

Feb 9, 2011

I received a letter about a month ago stating that I had been approved for a 10, 000 platinum card but, up to today i had not received any notifications or credit card. By the way I send out the $37 money order via mail by the due date. I start searching and I get across that this company is just a scam. Wooooow I got played so bad. Can so eone please help me.

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / Misleading credit card mailing


I received a letter telling me that i was "pre - approved" for a 10, 000. 00 line of credit. Really??? After 2 failed marriages and no job, you too can have a platinum credit card with a 10, 000. 00 limit!!! What a bunch of idiots! With all the scammers out there, i cant believe that some people would really send in 37. 00 to some bogus company and expect to get a 10, 000. 00 line of credit just like that!! What upsets me, is why the authorities arent doing anything about these ###s!!

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / credit card scam


This company is offering my mother-in-law a preapproved credit card if she will just send them a check for $37. Obviously this is a scam, because she died more than a year ago. If they really had done a check, they would have discovered that.

Union Workers Credit Services - Kentucky / Credit card


I am very glad I got on this site. I recieved the same letter in the mail today. Also telling me if I sent a money order for $37.00 I would recieve a $10, 000 credit limit. I guess they are getting rich frauding people. But their not gonna get rich off my dime! Thats for sure. But there has to be something we can do to locate and stop this fraud from happening to other people. Does anyone have any advice on that?

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / $37 fee on a possible $10000 credit card


We sent in the $37 fee that is said to be fully refundable with the first purchase on the pre-approved $10000 credit card. The Approval Number is 1179, 777, 6108 nad Service #:2F4A, 4AL, 3RJV. The check was cashed and 12 days have passed and the credit card never appeared in the mail. I have just read and done research about other complaints with this company. The credit card was said to be approved for Michael Abulhawa at 7840 Beechcraft Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20879. A check was sent by bank acct ending in 2626- Kara Abul Hawa for the $37. Please help me with this issuue.

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / Pre-Approved Credit


This credit card services is not good need to be close this scamming business until now im just waiting my refund 37 dollars coz im so decide to return them all papers and stop my membership as of now im waiting to send me the check into my address but is not come dont believe this offer this is not good its scammer entire our life this is sucksssssssssssssssss. . . I hope this management soon have karma to scamming somebody instead to hel;p somebody to have give chance and change life but in real is not they intend the money only after you pay at this amount 37 dollars it say it to you thank...

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / Scam on Credit Card Application


Second letter referring to a Pre-Approved For a Platinum Card. Letter specifies as follows: It's nice to inform you that you have been identified and Pre-Approved for a Platinum Card Membership from Union Workers Credit Services with a Guaranteed $10, 000.00 credit limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider! You don't have to worry if you have been denied access to a Visa or MasterCard The UWCS Platinum Card Membership offers many benefits including a LOW, LOW interest rate of 5% APR all because you are Pre-Approved. By viewing this the company i...

Union Workers Credit Services - Georgia, Clarkesville / $10,000 Pre-Approved Credit Card


What a shame that these scums are trying to take advantage of people. Unfortunately there will be alot of innocent people that these bad boys will rip off! Thank goodness I checked the web as their mail solicitation appears legitimate.

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, dallas / Fraud suspected / send $.


The letter is very miss leading!! I received the letter also, knowing my credit is not the greatest i knew that something was up. I looked on the bbb web - site to look - up the union workers credit services, sure enough they were on there. It is a legal business and the offer is correct. The offer does not say what the $10, 000 dollars is for. If you log on the web - site (Uwcs) and click on the merchandise tab you will see that the credit offer is to order through them. You have a $10, 000 dollar credit limit to purchase items through them. It really stinks that they send this credit...

Union Workers Credit Services / Unauthorized billing


Once again I have received unsolicited credit card offers from this scam group. I have no money in the bank-don't believe in them-just witness the results now. I can get just as much interest from under my mattress. The fact that these scammers send people credit offers without knowing that they are not in financial difficulty is one thing, but to send it to those that are is criminal. I am one that has always known that you get nothing for nothing. So I investigate any offer of getting rich without any effort. These people should be put out of business and those that have been scammed...

Union Workers Credit Services / Unauthorized charges


I received an offer for a 10, 000 dollar credit card from this union workers credit services. The initial offer stated that for a 37.00 dollar fee you would receive a credit card with a 10, 000 dollar credit limit with a fixed 5.0% APR. I paid the fee and received a paper credit card. There is an account number and everything. Looks just like a real credit card except it is paper!! Not only that but with the paper card I received a catalog, which they now inform you that your 10, 000 dollar credit card is only to be used for product in said catalog. No where in the initial offer was it stated...

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / Bogus Credit Card


I was sent a credit card offer with an activation fee of $37.00. I sent them my check on Nov. 12th and it was cashed Nov 20th. As of this date (Jan. 1o, 2009) I have received no credit card or any response from the Union Workers Credit Services. When I called I get caught up in their message center voice mail system and get a series of select this number for this information and the list goes on and on. Of course, after not receiving my credit card and my check being cashed, I googled the company only to discovery what a scam they are and how others have been ripped off as well. This company is a total scam and they need to be hung for taking advantage of people like this.

Union Workers Credit Services - Texas, Dallas / I have been credit cards scams


I recive a pre - approved platinum guaranteed $10, 000. 00 credit cared i am very mad because they ask for $37. 00 check or money order and every thing looks good they gave approval # 1134, 577. 8751 i though it came for my union yes i am in a union worker from california i should have check with the union befor giving my $37. 00 ck how can i get my money back. Please you need to put a stop on this scams before someone get hurt. The way the economic is gonig is there any way that we can put a stop to this scams and lies

Union Workers Credit Services / Online scam


I appreciate your web site saving me $37. My excitement of a $10.000 credit card offer may have made me jump on it if I had not read these comments. This is the second time in a week that I have received a stupid offer in the mail and a google search has saved me. Actually I am not as mad at this business, as I am happy that I did read about it before sending the money. You are doing a great service to people to be able to read about ripoffs before they get stuck. I will surely look up the next offer I get.