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Unifund CCR Partners Complaints & Reviews

Unifund CCR Partners / Misleading credit card debt

Apr 20, 2012

I had an. AT&T universal MasterCard with about $6000 in bad debt. The bad debt was bought by Unifund. I was never informed who they were until a local lawyers office (Peroutka and Peroutka) summoned me to court for an almost $13000 debt! I owe debt... I know this. Peroutka settled in court to pay the over 7000 (6000 plus fees) via monthly payments which I have been for 3+ years now. I checked my credit; unifund is STILL RACKING UP!!! How is this possible. It's over $35000!!! If peroutka was who settles an represents them, how can unifund keep raising te debt! It has RUINED my credit...

Unifund CCR Partners / Stay away

Apr 18, 2011

Unifund Garnished my social securiy benefits over a 2003 debt. I called and they couldn't tell who signed the summons to appear( supposedly a substitue). I never received a date to appear for judgement. Now 8 yrs later I'm without funds to live on. My $1800 debt is now $5, 772 without any answers from them. I called to ask about this but the woman I talked to was very rude and answered nothing to help. Agencys like this should be illegal. I plan on suing for unlawful practices. My atty says we have a good chance.Pray

Unifund CCR Partners - Ohio, Cincinnati / Collecting on a Settled Debt


Just received a tter from Unifund CCR Partners saying that they are servicing an account owned by Palisades Acquisition XVI LLC but that debt was settled in Sept 2008 for 50% which was $510.67 (original credit card debt was with First Consumers National Bank). Unifund wants me to pay $677.48. I believe that Palisades Acquisition is the problem since my internet searching has revealed other complains about Palisades buying settled accounts from companies and then trying to collect the portion of the settlement that was supposed to be forgiven. I will respond within the 30 day time period and...

Unifund CCR Partners - Ohio, Cincinnati / Unifund Is Ruining My Life!


Back in 2/2005 Unifund CCR Partners filed a judgment against my dad and I and saying I am his wife and we never received an summon for the court on date or time. Then they filed the same one again on 01/30/2007 saying the same thing that I am his wife and we never received an summon for the court on date or time again. And the only reason I found out about this is I am trying to buy my first house and no one will help me because of this judgment against me. I have already filed for 3 motion and the courts told me to get a lawyer and they are not going to help me and when I did call Unifund about...