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UMG Complaints & Reviews

UMG / Fraudulent Charges


Found charges on my account from this company. When I called them they said I signed up for their Buyers Edge Club through the internet which I never did. I demanded they refund my money & cancel my accoint. She then proceeded to tell me I became a member in January & they had been charging me since then!! She would only refund me two of the three payments that came out of my account. I told her I was reporting their company for fraudulent behavior & charges!! These people need to be stopped!! It happened to my friend also & her account when into the negative by $200.00 & the bank refused to take the overdraft fees off her account.

UMG / UMG fraud!


Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me, I even called the company ahead of time when I saw that the charges were pending on my account. I told them that these two $19.95 amounts are fraudulent and I want them removed immediately. The phone contact told me she removed them. Then two days later my account was charged. I am f-- pissed. I am calling the police, or the fbi or whoever - and my credit card company. f- ###s!!!