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Ultimate Executive Travel Complaints & Reviews

Ultimate Executive Travel - Guam / Better Business Bureau

Nov 09, 2011

Before anything else, go to and check out the following 20/20 ABC NEWS report on the Better Business Bureau: November 12, 2010 Investigative Report!!! HERE ARE THE TOP TRAVEL COMPLAINTS THAT WE SHOULD REALLY WORRY ABOUT: 1. The number one complaint among all air travelers is the unacceptable size of airline seats. Scientists and health officials report the increasing girth of US citizens yet most airlines continue to offer the same unacceptable seat. Travelers need not be obese to take issue with the size of an airline seat, even healthy weight individuals express dissatisfaction...

Ultimate Executive Travel - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / No Refund

Jul 27, 2011

Received a postcard to attend a vacation travel service presentation through World Travel in return I would receive a complimentary 8 day cruise for two. Left the meeting with my cruise voucher did as it said and sent my $248. I then received my certificate 5 weeks later stating that i had to pay up another $399 per person, a $49 per person confirmed booking fee, and upgrading fee (the room is only an entry level room with bunks) for a 7 day cruise. Needless to say i was outraged. Trying to get a refund but obviously the company refuses. Hopefully you are now truly informed of the final price of this Complimentary cruise.

Ultimate Executive Travel - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / free travel voucher ripoff

Jul 20, 2011

I received an Ultimate Executive Travel Cruise vacation passport, 3, 4, 5 or 7 night FREE cruise voucher, when I attanded a sales presentation to World Travel Services, in Long Beach, CA. Here's the ripoff; to receive ANY information on this FREE cruise voucher, you have to send Ultimate Executive Travel a deposit of $258. After 60 days wait for the 3 page travel packet, you choose your cruise. Wrong, you don't choose your cruise you can only recieve a cruise they have available. Forget the 7 day to anywhere. And choosing the time you wish to travel is bogus. If you happen to choose a...

Ultimate Executive Travel - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Free cruise false advertisement

Jul 13, 2011

ASSITA KINOWE supervisor World Travel 1501 Hughes Way Ste 100 Long Beach, CA 90810 [protected] Went to their presentation which asked for $9, 000 for promise of discounted travel services in the future. We did not buy and was given a coupon for a free 7-night cruise with Ultimate Executive Travel in Philadelphia. I mailed in $248 money order for reservation and port charges and waited for over 1 month with no response. Kelly Ultimate Executive Travel 2417 Welsh Rd Suite 21 - #337 Philadelphia, PA 19114 [protected] / Phone [protected] / Fax I called Ultimate Executive Travel...