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UKLRS Complaints & Reviews

UKLRS / Deed Search

Oct 26, 2015

I requested a deed search by this bunch of charlatans in January 2015. I heard nothing from them for six months when my solicitor wrote to me disclosing a search by him using the real Land Registry. I wrote to The Land Registry asking why the solicitor had received a response and I had not. They replied with a short note stating that my contract was with UKLRS and not them and therefore they could not help meany further. This was when I became aware that I had not used The Land Registry but a different organisation.All subsequent communications to UKLRS received no response what soever. It i...

UKLRS / Property ownership deed

Sep 17, 2015

Paid £70 on 31/8/2015 and was told by the LRTD Search Team that the property ownership search for BonneNuit2015-31/08/2015 18:06:21 had been ordered and to allow 4-6 working days for a response. 17 days later, still no documents to download. 17/9 emailed Customer Services to demand full refund. No response. Am contacting fraud squad through my bank to try and get my money back. The website looks real enough and I can't believe this has happened to me.

UKLRS / money back

Nov 14, 2014

Dear Sir. I needed information that could be provided only y the Land Registry .Having Googled "Land Registry" up came UK Land Registry Services (UKLRS). From the way this site presented itself I fully thought I was in contact with the actual Land Registry internet site .I scrolled down their pages identifying the information I required; I paid for the requested information.( £60.00) on 6th August 14, no confirmation was received. I awaited the requested info having understood that in some cases it could take up to 5/6 weeks to provide. 10 weeks later! and the requested info having NOT...

UKLRS / They have taken my money and not sent e mails or and form of contact with me .

Sep 28, 2012

the company charges you in order to find the deeds to land, i enetered details as requierd, including payment, then no conformation e mail was sent, upon going back to there website, there is no phone numbers etc, just a list of online solutions etc, but even the log in details i submitted, dont work . the company is UK LRS UKLRS ( are part of the Timewell plc property group