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Jan 01, 2014

I bought a pair of these boots recently. They arrived in good time but with no paperwork and no address to return - they claim a 15 day money back guarantee. The boots did not look entirely right and they contained a label 'made in China' although the site makes a big thing about being made in Australia. I checked my Credit Card account and found that it had been debited by a company in China so immediately asked the Credit card company to investigate the transaction. In the meantime I have been in contact several times with the company to ask for an address to which to return the... Au / Never Arrived

Jul 16, 2013

Ordered these boots on line on the 3/11/2012 . when they hadn't arrived like they had said 2 to 3 days I sent them a email to which the reply was sorry dear be patient. that was on the16/11/2012 then 20/11 12 1/12/12 2/12/12 and on and on to the 9.1/13 when they were very patronising and rude with still no money returned and No Boots there Id No was [protected] an I dealt with a woman called JOJO I should have known it was a con the way the money from my husband bank account went so quickly and the tracking order was never available I hope that something can be done to retrieve this money... Au / Fake boots falling to bits

Dec 10, 2012

I bought a pair of ugg boots which were advertised as 100% original when they came there were scrudded up in half a box with the stitching falling to bits inside they should of been 100% sheepskin and there nothing like sheepskin when i tryed them on the button fell of the side of the boot ive worn them a couple of times and there falling to bits Au / They sell fake UGG boots claiming that they are authorized seller

Oct 03, 2012

Don't buy from them, they sell fake UGG boots claiming that they are authorized seller, I have bought a pair they came in, very poor quality, no sheepskin just some synthetic material. I emailed them and demanded full refund, they replied that they will give me 5% discount and I can keep my order, I refused!!! [protected]@T USE THEM!!!