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TWX*Magazine Complaints & Reviews

TWX*Magazine - Texas / Misrepresentation of fees


This is the "Free Magazine" scam. I hesitate to call it a scam because what they do is legal. Their methods rely on the small print and the consumer's inattention to deal details. It may even be buried in your credit card application. Essentially, you agree to 3-6 months of magazines for free, after that they have permission to use your credit card or debit card number to charge you for a years subscription. You may not even know you've been hit because the charge may not show up for four to six months. Once hooked, they make it very difficult to contact them and cancel the order. It...

TWX*Magazine - Maryland / Theft / fraud


Illehally obtained my credit card information and billed my account for $95. 00 worth of magazines, afte calling and not answering or pessing numbers on thier automated line i got a live operayor. Forced to cancel and demand refund, thay state they give a notice before billing, this was not true.

TWX*Magazine / Fraud Charges


TWX*MAGAZINE charges of 46.00 were discovered as a pending transaction on my Debit Visa card! I DID NOT authorize these charges in no way! I called my credit union and got a contact phone number, contacted TWX*MAGAZINE and after a long wait, got a human on the phone, they didn't have any info. on my charges, asked my name, address AND Visa card number!?!?! What the heck?! I decided to give them my number, he found me and said it was charged due to a magazine offer after a survey was submited, witch I never did. he said it was for Time Magazine, 1 yr. sub. ...he said sorry, I will cancel...

TWX*Magazine - Connecticut, Stamford / Fradulent Charges


I was charged, on my visa card, 4 times on 1/23/09. Charges were $24.00, $18.00, $29.00, $22.00. I tried calling the company at the number I found from the complaints board. I was taken through an automated process that asked me if I wanted to cancel (something I didn't request) I said yes, then it stated that 15 months of magazine would be sent to me and if I didn't cancel at that time charges would be made to my account. At that point I got on the phone with my bank and had to cancel my credit card and file fraud on the account. I am baffled that there are so many complaints regarding...

TWX*Magazine - New York / TWX*Magazine 800-607-9869


This company did the same thing to me. But little did they know i have a familymember that works at my bank my account is located at . For all you people trying to get rid of these charges this is what you do . Take their(TMX MAGIZENE) merchant id number that is located on your banking statement with the TMX charge, and you can have your banking personal block this merchant from charging your account forever ! Most banks and financial instutions will do this free of charge in compliance with their identity theft procedures regulated by the fedrel government.

TWX*Magazine - California, Fresno / Unauthorized withdrawal


Two unauthorized withdrawals appeared on my bank statement - making my account overdrawn. I'm 86 years old, living on social Security, and this scam is absolutely ridiculous. Where do I get this money back to my account? I have complained to Wells Fargo Bank, and they will check in to it, asking if I want to prosecute. We shall see.

TWX*Magazine - Connecticut, Stamford / Scam practices!


I got this offer to buy 1 magazine and get a few others for 1 dollar. Then months later they renewed my subscription full price for all magazines without permission and charged my account. Beware!