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TWC Complaints & Reviews

TWC - Illinois, Carol Stream / treatment after closing account

May 21, 2017

After closing 0ur TWC account 4/14/17 I received a final bill 4/16/17. I wrote a check 4/20/17 and mailed it a few days later. Shortly thereafter we started getting phone calls from a collection agency. At first I didn't answer, but then received a collection letter dated May 8, 2017 encouraging to pay or face further action. I finally answered a call from the collection firm and was told TWC places closed accounts with them to collect within 7-12 days. Unfortunately I wasn't happy to hear this and explained our check had been sent. This is the way TWC treats closed accounts. We had been a...



I signed up for an $89.99 bundled service package. Time Warner Cable (TWC) required that I pay up front for the first month as well as the installation. It seemed like a good deal and I verified on two separate occasions (prior to installation) that my service would be no more than $90 per month. I didn't receive a bill so I called Time Warner to inquire and pay the bill. Here's where the nightmare started. First, getting a live person on the phone is nearly impossible. This is of course by design as I later made aware by two separate TWC customer service employees. What happens i...

TWC / Quote and fnal bill


I was quoted a price of 131.50 per month fro 2 years. specifically asking that it includes all cost including taxes and waht i currently have to compare to what I was paying. They said they would check phone records and from what they tell me they did and found they quoterd me incorrectly. I have talked to several people like 20 after being cut off and waiting hours to get back on. I was told by Dave Supervisor that they quoted me wrong and coulsd do nothing about it. I asked to tak to a manger above him and all he woukld dop was to have him return call. This is after a month of waiting and np...