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TutorJam Complaints & Reviews

TutorJam / Be aware of overcharges

Dec 17, 2011

When I started with Tutorjam in Sep 2011, they were all very good and did not bother to clarify any questions about the cancellation policy. They said, "Oh if you do not like the service you can cancel any time and you will get a full refund." And after I tried Tutorjam for a month, and did not like their service, they are giving me a run around to return my money. And they have charged me twice because they have my bank info on file. They say the computer automatically withdraws the money. And after calling them several times and emailing them they now reply asking me to read their cancellation...

TutorJam / Never returned the deposit money

Nov 27, 2011

This company (Tutorjam) had collected Rs. 7500 (close to $175) as a deposit for offering a work from home tutoring opportunity. Once the money was collected, the director stopped answering our phone calls / messages and they keep changing their phone numbers in India. After this incident, i had gone through many many bad reviews of the tutoring services offered by this company. Keep away from them teachers, students, parents and everyone else whoever is thinking about having an association with them

TutorJam / Run unless you want to join me with many problems to come

Nov 18, 2011

On February 13th, I Contacted TutarJam on the phone to purchase a single month of Tutoring. They told me they had two packages, something link 5 hours a month and 10 hours a month. I do not recall the amounts. I said we needed more time and want close to 15 hours. We settled on a price of 199.00 for the one time 15 hour purchase. The tutors were not what we expected. Difficult Accents, and not able to solve many of the problems. Since we could not get a refund, we finished out trying to get whatever help we could, and just chalked it up to a bad experience. On March 13th I noticed TutorJam...

TutorJam / Charged on credit card without knowledge

Oct 12, 2011

When I signed up; I was promised that once the first 8 sessions are over I will be consulted on the performance and then after mutual agreement the services will continue; not more then 4 session happened; no response on feedback; very poor performance and without my knowledge another 8 session was charged on my account. Non professional approach; for asking details lots of follow up was done and then was informed that only amsl amount will be refunded inspite of all the relevant details were provided: Here is the final email sent to them: So you are charging me for how many sessions ? 8X2 =...