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Triple Aaa Complaints & Reviews

Triple Aaa / driver ran stop sign triple aaa refused to pay me

Jun 09, 2015

One of driver run over stop sign and customer service really rude They don't want to pay for damages of my car. Claim number [protected] I'm trying to avoid lawsuit Roberto diaz [protected]

Triple Aaa / screwed me cost me more money n aggervation

Feb 25, 2015

Used them 2 24 2015. Was told i had to prepay even after i said i always pay tow company. Gave my card number. Than my car was impounded for non payment. Well we all now those calls recorded. so i call n triple aaa has forward complaint n of course customers cannot contact dept directly nit can take up to 2 days for them get bac to me. Really?!! That is customer service. That is a company trying help xonsumers n sav money. Sorry i dont see it. Better get my eyes n hearing checked. Good now i can rely on triple aaa for a job cause i can screw wirh people n nothing done abt it. I am beyond...

Triple Aaa - California / No help

Dec 18, 2011

Ran out of gas called triple AAA I have membership. They ask if I had nine dollars for gas? I said I have Amex only on me they said we don't take Amex. I asked if I could get service then for a gas can I could borrow gas station was down the street they said no, they offered to tow me to gas station I said what for it's right down the street no way all I need is to borrow a gas can . They refused. They have all other equipment but no gas can and when does a gallon og gas cost nine dollars. I had to call relative to come and help me. They are nit a good service and not worth the membership.