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Tribute Master Card Complaints & Reviews

Tribute Master Card - North Carolina, Brevard / credit card fraud


I had charges to my account that I had not made and contacted Tribute. They were to send me a dispute form and when I did not recieve it I called again and they said it was to late now to do anything. I called the number on my bill (the party that had gotten my credit card number) and all I got was an answering machine. I then called the State Attorney's office from that area code and was told by their office that it was a scam and they had done this to others as well. I called Tribute again to report what I was told and they were no help.Apparently this was a group out of Romania and I...

Tribute Master Card - Georgia, Atlanta / Over charge with fees


I am so upset with this credot card services. I checked my availible credit on may 7 2009 it was for the amount of 953. mind you i have a 1, 000 credit limit well i sent a payment and then decided on may 15th 2009 to check if i had credit available and it said i owe 1, 021.00 hold up what the hell i called this card service and got a woman form india she told me i had service charges and service fees and got no where I hope someone who is going through the same mess with this card will also report them I am hoping i can get some feed back in what other options can i take with this matter