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Treasure Coast Readers Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Treasure Coast Readers Inc. - Florida, Melbourne / unethical business practices

May 10, 2012

I was called about receiving magazines but was not able to cancel, even though I asked to speak to someone who can. They had my name and address as well as my card number which they were charging 39.99 for magazines that I did not receive. I found the number on my account statement and called, and after listening to a long message and being disconnected 3 times I was finally able to talk to someone who canceled my subscription and refunded my money. I then received another phone call from the same business about getting magazines. I was transferred to a supervisor and when I explained that I...

Treasure Coast Readers Inc. - Florida, West Melbourne / not being able to cancel


Those people were calling me and harassing about subscribing with them to receive magazines from them. They sent me a contract with I should sign, I did not signed a contract, I sent back the cancellation form. After couple weeks I get charge on my account for the magazines which I canceled. Once I saw that on my account I reached for my phone and I called them, the female representative told me that they did not received the cancellation form and I was told that I could not cancel my contract any more that that form was my only chance (such a scam). She also advised me that the publisher...

Treasure Coast Readers Inc. - New York / Second account opened without my consent


Dear Treasure Coast Readers, Recently I received from you a bill for $159.80 with the threat of $40 penalty for late payment. I have no intention of paying you for something I don't owe you. You know better than I that you are nothing but a scam: lying, harrassing and lying some more. Not only you bought or swapped my name, and presumably my credit card number with some other journal company but you had audacity to call me and announce that you are my NEW periodicals company. I am very gullible, I admit, so I trusted your words and I ended up paying four companies their dues. When I...