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Traian Cabba Complaints & Reviews

Traian Cabba / Narcissist / Sociopath

Jun 20, 2015

Traian Cabba has alienated his only child from his former wife for the past 10 years, a Grand Mnaipulator of the legal system ; the Superior Court of Québec; Now pending at the Court of Appeal. Traian Cabba has de-frauded his former wife out of millions of dollars.

Traian Cabba / Divorce Fraud

Jun 15, 2015

Traian cabba ex Attorney has managed to de-fraud his ex wife out of millions of dollars in the Superior Court of Quebec, there is a growing injustice in the juducial system that needs awareness. Due Traian Cabba false documents and false representions a 25 year struggle by his ex wife is now pending in the Court of Appeal.

Traian Cabba / Fraud

Jun 13, 2015

Traian Cabba is a Professional Con Artist. He uses various companies to lure investors in investing Millions and Millions in overseas Oil Producers in Russia and Kuwait, Its Fraud. Traian Cabba will set up false companies for money laundering operations and use unsuspecting investors as his own bankable playground. Beware of this new company Amphion International, I invested $500, 000 and lost it all to Traian Cabba!