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Traffic Police Complaints & Reviews

Traffic Police / BRIBES

Jul 5, 2012

On route in Mozambique with a medium size bakkie to do some work there (we did obtain work permits) my employees were pulled of by traffic police. On request he submitted his drivers licence and vehicle registration papers. The officer pointed out to him that the registration number does not appear on the registration paper (only the previous number). On explaining to the officer that this is only a registration document and he can compare the engine and vin numbers and that we have cleared it with the South African traffic dept that this is correct and legal, his response was "Maybe in your...

Traffic Police / Traffic Signals timings adjustment done wrongly at Marathahalli junction, Bangalore


I want to make a complaint regarding the traffic lights timing adjustment at Marathahalli junction, Bangalore. The traffic coming from Kundalahalli signal gets only 30 seconds green signal at Marathahalli junction whereas the traffic coming from HAL gets 60 seconds green signal at Marathahalli junction. As a result of this misbalance of timings of green signal, there is a big line of traffic upto the end of Marathahalli Bridge at Marathahalli junction, of traffic coming from Kundalahalli signal and almost zero traffic, of traffic coming from HAL at Marathahalli junction. This is the...