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Traffic Laws Complaints & Reviews

Traffic Laws / Lack of traffic signals

Sep 14, 2015

There is no functioning traffic signal in RMC junction, being a major Tumkur road. The signal just keeps blinking on yellow all time, yet vehicles dont slow down at the u-turn junction outside More Megastore. It is highly dangerous to crowd the big NH-4 road with heavy vehicles speeding up. Who is responsible for the accidents and deaths that take place there? When i asked the traffic police, they say the signals wont function as it will cause traffic jam and no need as they are this an answer expected from responsible policemen? Traffic police monitors only 1 side of the road toward...

Traffic Laws - Ontario, Vaughan / Driving & Cellphone use

May 10, 2012

Thursday May 10, 2012 approx 8:55am I was stopped in a line at a red light. A white BMW X5 pulled up beside me in the other lane. The driver was busy on his cellphone, I also noticed a little toddler in the back in a childseat and he was looking at me, then all of a sudden, to my amazement, the child got out of his childseat and was moving around the backseat while the driver, assuming is his father, continues on his cellphone, then moves off with the traffic still on his cell and makes a turn up the street while the child is moving around in the back. It is against the law to drive while on a...