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TradersDVD Complaints & Reviews

TradersDVD - New York / Tradersdvd are CRMINALS

Aug 28, 2011

These low ### people burn illegal dvds at home and sell them illegally. Their web site lie and deceive me when I though I am getting original authentic discs. Instead I received very poor quality pirated discs which don’t play correctly and skip all throughout the videos. Don't buy from these people. They will rip you off like they ripped me off! They ignored all of my emails after I found out that they sell illegal pirated discs.

TradersDVD - Kansas / Tradersdvd are CROOKS

Aug 25, 2011 are CROOKS. They sold me some illegal pirated dvds and now won't respond to any of my emails and stole my Money. The DVDs they sent me are totally Poor quality. They ship internationl and took forever to arrive. DON'T BUY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

TradersDVD / Price too cheap and these Crooks Ripped me OFF !!!

Aug 25, 2011

I just want everyone out there to be aware of this criminal. They sold me some very poorly made burned copies of Timothy Sykes dvds. I finally received the discs from Australia after 2 long weeks of waiting for the shipment. Once I confronted them that the discs they sent me were illegal pirated copies and very poorly made, they totally ignored all emails communication with me. I then had to waste many weeks with my credit card company and Paypal to dispute the charge. The guy also change to multiple Paypal address each week to collects payment which also makes it very suspicious of his illegal activities. Be aware of this crook. He will steal your money in a hearbeat !!!

TradersDVD - New York / Tradersdvd Complaints - Price too cheap - RIPOFF

Aug 24, 2011

tradersdvd discs sucks bigtime. They are a bigtime SCAM!!! They sell illegal burn discs and very poor quality. They rip people off and ignore you when we ask them if the discs they send us are pirated copies. They stole from me and never got my money back when I ask them for a refund!!!

TradersDVD - Nevada, Alaska / Price too cheap


The site is great. Save me $$$$ in Trading education. The quality materials they provide are second to none. I recommend this site to anyone. I think they are helping traders to be more educated. General courses are selling over $1000. But here at tradersdvd the price are so cheap. I can not see anything wrong with their practices. Great Company!