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Tractor Supply Complaints & Reviews

Tractor Supply / Arrogant Manger and mistreatment toward employee

Apr 29, 2015

I have a friend who worked at the Tractor Supply in Greer, SC. Her manager, Mike Allison thought it was ok to yell at her and degrade her in front of other employees. No one, and I mean no one should ever be treated like this in the workplace. It is not only childish to act this way, but also certainly shows a lack of control and respect. My husband and I shopped there on a regular basis, however, we will never step foot in a Tractor Supply store ever again, and I will let many people know what the manager is like. If a company will allow this type of treatment from management, then they don't deserve my money.

Tractor Supply - North Carolina, Spindale / out of control manager


While buying dog food I overheard the manger of the store raising hell at an employee about not puuting things in it's proper place, then curse at him and then state that she hates men, I mean what kind of supervisor does that? I would be surprised if it was even that poor guys fault I heard him say that he has never opened that lock or something and then she kept screaming at him for a number of things, I could not believe what I was hearing, the language and the volume at which this woman was screaming at him was so bad I put down my dog food and swore that I would never shop there...

Tractor Supply / Do not honor warranty


I purchased an extended warranty for 249 dollars when I bought a lawn tractor 2 years ago from Tractor Supply in Hudson New York The tractor has been out of service since June and went to 2 different repair shops now they are telling the repair shops the warranty is no good They have been giving me a run around all summer and every time you call the service line they are very polite but claim they are told by supervision to deny the repair. No one has told me the reason. I have a copy of the warranty contract and there is no reason that they shouldn't repair the tractor.

Tractor Supply - Florida, Brooksville / Poor service


I Had bought a chain saw 08-08-08. Today I brought it in to exchange it due to the starter rope cord not recoiling in. The Manager Joyce Moore was rude to me, saying well its over 30 days and you have to call the company... she would not work with me in any way as I felt I being the customer and has their sign says up above their door "Satisfaction guaranteed" Well I sure wasnt satisfied when I left their store! I had to go all the way to Spring Hill mower on Deltona costing me $30 I didnt have even though its under warrantee to have them evaluate it. I didnt buy a new chain saw to go through...