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Total White Complaints & Reviews

Total White / Unauthorized charge


I ordered a product teeth whitening for $1.95 and today Oct 23 thate is a charge to my bank account for $76.82 I did not authorize this and saw no warning about a charge of this amount I have onlt had the product 17days I also ordered a teeth whitening product from Healthy Smile and the same thing happened. I ordered a sample on Oct 5th and today, Oct 23rd there is a charge on my bank account for $87.62. I did not authorize this . I also did not see any warnings about being sharged this amount as I have only haad the product for 17 days Sincerely, Barbara Callow

Total White / Terms and conditions


I think that is so funny that everyone is so upset or mad because they feel they have been ripped off or taken advantage of or mislead. It's people's own stupidity that is getting them screwed over. When a company offers a Risk Free Trial, it is NOT a free trial. When did we stop reading? Nothing in this world is free, a RISK free TRIAL means that the you will have a trial period in which to try the product at NO RISK. If people would READ they would not get into situations where they feel they have been scammed. On these websites for Risk Free Trials the company lists the term...