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Tonkin Lists Complaints & Reviews

Tonkin Lists / Salary dispute

Jul 21, 2016

I started last june 6, 2016 mon at tonkin located at makati city my shift is 10pm. I signed a contract and they gave me 21800 pesos salary package. The cut off is every 10th and 25th of the month and the payday is every 15th and 30th or 31st of the month. Since I started at june 6, I was able to get my 1st pay last june 15, 2016 through my bpi acct. But I was shocked coz I only get 1, 393 pesos for my 5 days of work. What I did is to coordinate to our operations manager richard valencia about my dispute and about the commission that I should be getting since I had a sale on my 2nd week then he...

Tonkin Lists / Illegal business policies

Apr 15, 2015

The companies owner, Kenelm Tonkin, incorporated his company in Makati in 2013. He opened his site in May of the same year hired associates and began operation. As of this writing he has yet to remit any of his statutory contributions for any of his employees both past and present. He has forced employees to switch from a standard employee contract to a performance based contract, before the initial contract expired, he has refused to return the money deducted from his employees pay checks under the guise that he is "working on it with his lawyers". He even continued to operate his busine...