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Today's Better Health Complaints & Reviews

Today's Better Health - California, Burbank / REality Check


I just ran across this website and want to say. I have been working for this company now for 6 months. I have many repeat clients already and I follow up with them and care about thier results as many of my co-workers do. We have many reps who make their living solely on re-orders becasue we do have many happy clients with Mens Performance Caps and many of our other selections. I have found when doing follow up many people buy stuff then do not take as directed or some don't take them at all. So their will always be people who complain about anything. We do record all the calls becasue...

Today's Better Health - New Jersey, Jersey City / Credit Card Fraud


Me and my partner have been a victim of Today's Better Health. One day we checked our account only to find $200 missing. We called the number attached to the withdrawal to be told we purchased pills. We know for a fact this in not true. The lady in her comment on this website said they recordings of all purchases. This is impossible because me and my partner HAVE NEVER ORDERED PRODUCTS OVER THE PHONE with this company. LET ME BE CLEAR...we never called anyone for any product with this company. Then a week later we get this package in the mail from them. I shook the box and could here...

Today's Better Health - California, Burbank / duplicate order


My husband called regarding a TV advertisement for a free sample of a product. The free sample never arrived, but a salesman called and talked him into a reduced rate for a better product. The following night, another salesman called. My husband assumed it was a follow-up call from the previous night's call. A shipment of one bottle of the product arrived at the cost of $58.95. I looked for a cancellation policy or phone number to make sure there were no other obligations. There was a phone number, but only a voice mail with the promise of a call back at their earliest convenience...

Today's Better Health - California / Unauthorized Charge


This company has hacked into my checking account and charged $128.93. I am a college student at Clarion University who noticed this random charge when viewing my Online Banking Activity one day after classes. I have never purchased anything in this amount; and have never even heard of this company. I was reading around and saw that I am not the only victim of this scam. I see that people have been getting jacked from these people for quite a while; I'm wondering how these dishonest ### are still getting away with this. I filed an Afa David (I believe that is what it's called);...

Today's Better Health - North Carolina, Charlotte / Unauthorized credit card charges


They charged my credit card before even saying they are going to charge it. They described about the product over phone and talked about it saying a better formula and they said they are going to get back to me. Next day I see my credit card has been charged. They are fraud. They sent me those godforsaken pills that I never opened. I called them up to take it back and they are very rude over phone. All framed and fraud. Always say no over the phone. These SoBs are very smart. They site your telephone conversation w/ them saying "sounds good" or "yes" and charge your credit card. Always say no or you are gonna sue them.

Today's Better Health - California, Burbank / Account Withdrawal


This company is scaming people and something needs to be done about it. One of their reps called me last night explaining to me about the benefits of a male enhancement product that I was interested in, but did not have the money to purchase at this time. At no point int the conversation did I ever give any authorization to send me ANYTHING in the mail, yet when I checked my account balance last night I find that someone withdrew $67.95 out of my checking account. My account is overdrawn as a result of this. When I try calling them back all I get is the same voicemail message. Who is this company and how are they doing what they are doing. They need to be stopped before someone else is ripped off.

Today's Better Health / Account charges


lets set the record staight: Today's Better Health calls people who have bought a Male Enhancement product from TV. (Penis Enlargement) Many people claim they did not order, yet we record every call. Because so many people suffer from Buyers Remorse, we explain to them there are No refunds or cancelations...100% exchange. Customer service: When you call our customer service, we explain sombody will call you back. Why ? We start the process of investigating your order, we look it up, we start the search for the recording. We get your tracking information from the fulfillment house. We do...

Today's Better Health - California / withdrawal of money without authorization


This company withdrew money from our account without authorization to do so. In doing so they overdrew our account. I called the 888 number above and tried to explain to them what they had done. They acted as if they didn't care. I repeatedly told them to cancel whatever was on the account and return our money to the bank. The lady who I talked to said they couldn't do that because the money had already been taken from our account. I again explained the above. I told them we never wanted their products or authorized any withdrawal from our account. She still continued arguing there wa...