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Todays Better Health Complaints & Reviews

Todays Better Health - California, San Diego / Telephone Calls


I am not complaining about a recent purchase I made or whether it is valid or not. I am calling about the constant, incessant phone calls they have placed to my phone over the past two weeks. They have placed over 18 calls to my number in the last 2 days and this has been continuous for the last two weeks. No matter how many times I let the phone ring, once I pick up the line disconnects. I called the number back and a voice recording says they are conducting a survey and will call again later. They say that for my privacy they don't leave a message which is BS. They give the option of...

Todays Better Health - Alberta / Product returned, will not credit acct


I returned the product, but still my account has not been credited for my over 500.00. This is a rip off and this needs to be dealt with, it is just not right. I want my acct credited and out back in the acct for the amount taken off. What are poeple suppose to do when they are ripped off like this by these places, something needs to be done, this is North America.

Todays Better Health - California, Burbank / Un authorized account withdrawl


A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I saw an ad on television or Extenze, a male enhancement product. They offer a "free" 7 day trial of this product at "no charge" to you. We thought it may be fun to try a male/sexual enhancement product for a week, but truely didnt have any intentions of actually going on with further purchases of this product. After recieving the trial and taking it for 2 days, I noticed my bank account had been charged $49.91 from Extenze. I called and disbuted this transaction and told them that I only wanted the trial. The customer service lady told me I had to cancel...