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Tobias Mayer e.K. Complaints & Reviews

Tobias Mayer e.K. / Long shipping time & horrible customer service

Mar 06, 2012

I ordered from Tobias Mayer and my estimated shipping date is 18-6-11. But after 2 weeks of delay and no emails from Tobias Mayer I decided to email them. The person said that they needed more time to mail out the items so they needed 2 more weeks. After 2 weeks past and I sent another email enquiring they said that the stock has not come in from their warehouse and that they could not send the package out and they needed 2 more weeks. More then a month have past and they have not replied my email regarding the refund that I wanted. I filed a dispute in paypal and if 20days later I don't...

Tobias Mayer e.K. / False advertising

Dec 20, 2011

I ordered shoes from TM in October 2017, after waiting 2 months I contacted them to be told that the shoes had been out of stock. I asked why, if the shoes were not in stock was their website STILL advertising in stock and would be delivered in a week. They did not answer nor explain why I had not been told via email of the low stocks. I waited another 2 weeks, still no sign so I contacted them again. Same story, coming back in stock next week, will be sent out. All in all I was given that promise 4 times and, eventually after 3 months of waiting gave up and cancelled my order. Word of warning, do NOT buy anything from these people, they make false promises and seemingly never have the goods to sell.