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Tobi Steamer Complaints & Reviews

Tobi Steamer / No customer service


First of all, this is nothing new and you can buy them elsewhere (different brands) for way cheaper. Second, this product is junk and is not what they advertise. It doesn't work, it tips over, the garment pole is short, their customer service sucks. There is no customer service really. This is fraud so don't waste your money.

Tobi Steamer / Rip off


The tobi works for a while but when you have a problem do not call them for help. I paid $100 plus tax for the tobi. When it BROKE I was told to buy extra warrenty cost $20 plus tax. Send it back another $20 id I want insurance on it. Plus repair work possible another $20 . CAN WE SAY RIP OFF. to ficx it would cost me $60 for a product I alraedy spend $100 for.